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Bad Eggs

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Bad Eggs is a very fun and competitive multiplayer flash game. The free-to-play game allows players to indulge into the world of thrilling gaming with other players online. So it is eggs vs. eggs. The best-fighting eggs win the game. The gameplay is really impressive and overwhelming. You should select the right weapon and costume in order to give your opponents the best battle. Use a frying pan to hit your opponents when they are in a close range. If your opponents are fighting from a far distance, use grenades to reach them. You have to aim well to avoid wasting your weapon and running short of it. Consider your terrain before firing. Choosing the right costume will help you ace through tough surfaces and vegetation. You will also resist some attacks with the correct costume. Your computer keyboard is enough to play Bad Eggs. Use the A & D keys to navigate or move. The arrow keys, Left & Right, are enough for you to make a correct aim. Use the Up & Down arrow keys to hit or throw. You can easily adjust the hitting magnitude with the two keys. You can also throw far or close with the help of the same keys. To select more weapons and fire, use your mouse and Spacebar respectively. The goal of Bad Eggs is to defeat the opposing team, acquire your own EggCard and become popular. So you have to build a good team to achieve the goal. You move to a higher ranking or level when you win matches. New levels come with new weapons, badges and egg shells. The game has extras and you can purchase them with credits which cost real money. If you want to get more experience for the game, play it more.

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